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At nearly 16 months old, Elisabeth’s vocabulary is now up to about 70 words. (I keep a running list in a note on my iPhone!) She chatters away most of the time, usually recognisable words. She’s starting to put words together like “clip open” (little bag clips are one of her favourite things) and “keys open” when she wants a door opened. She’s picked up exclamations like “oh no!”. She’s just recently started saying “no” with a lot more frequency.

The words she uses the most are probably “up” and “again”. It’s rare that we can sing a song or read a book or do something funny without Elisabeth commanding “again!”. We sing songs over and over and over and over again. She says “again” to the TV as well. (Especially to the TV theme songs that she really likes – Chuggington, Timmy Time and Bob the Builder.) There’s not much point yet in trying to explain to her that the TV doesn’t repeat things on demand.

She can point to photos on the fridge and name Opa, Oma, Tante (my sister Erin) and “Ah-yah” (her cousin Leah) without prompting, and she can point to other people when asked to. She loves Skyping with Oma & Opa and with Leah & Aunt Dana.

I’m very much enjoying having a kid who is getting better and better at communicating and expressing herself. And language development is absolutely fascinating!

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