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It’s official: I’m leaving my job. I turned in my letter of resignation yesterday. There’s a lot of reorganization and movement going on in my department right now, so even though I won’t actually be leaving until May, we’re hoping to hire my replacement within the next couple of months, and HR had to have my letter before they can post the opening. Thus, the submission of my resignation letter four months in advance of my actual departure date. It’s one more thing that makes all of this seem very real and very final. I’m sure that when May rolls around I’ll be more emotional about the whole thing, but for now I’m mostly just excited. Twelve years is long enough to work in one place, I think. I’m ready for something new!

We’re taking steps to get our house ready to sell. It’s so hard to know when to put it on the market, and we’re hoping our realtor will be able to give us some good advice about that next week. When we bought our house in 2004, it had only been on the market for six days when we put in our offer, and we had reason to believe another offer was on its way in. It’s a great house – beautifully decorated, in great shape, new furnace and automatic garage door, great back yard and deck, in a fantastic location with lots (like the Fulton Farmers Market) in easy walking distance, etc., etc. However, the housing market is a lot different now than it was three years ago, and we have no idea how long it will take to sell.

In other news, as James blogged shortly before the holidays, we’ve purchased our first (of many!) flights for our summer around-the-world trip. And last weekend we got fourteen different travel guides out of the library. Lots of reading to do in the next couple of weeks! Thank goodness for GRPL and the online renewal option.