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As I mentioned in the previous post, Elisabeth is getting pretty good with animal sounds and can do a lot of them, but her favourite animal sound is definitely “quack, quack”. She loves ducks. She pointed out that there was a picture of a duck on her toothbrush – something that had escaped James’ and my attention. She even says, “Quack, quack” when she sees pigeons. I’ve tried to teach her that pigeons say “coo”, but as far as she is concerned, they are ducks and she loves chasing them.

This past weekend we ventured over to the Brick Lane Sunday markets and, having done some market browsing and eaten a rather late lunch, were waiting at the end of Commercial Street to get a bus home. Elisabeth was looking down the road and said, “Quack, quack!” We thought that she was looking at some birds flying in the sky and pointed out that they weren’t actually ducks. But she continued to periodically say, “Quack, quack!” even when they were no birds visible in the sky.

Finally James spotted that an LED billboard down the street was showing an O2 advert which featured several very large rubber ducks! It was one of about 5 or 6 adverts that were cycling through fairly quickly. But every time the advert with the ducks came around, Elisabeth piped up, “Quack, quack!” She had spotted it long before either of us did. Leave it to her to notice the ducks!

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