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As you may have already read on James’ blog, Calvin hosted the second biennial Festival of Faith and Music this weekend.

Besides being a wonderful weekend of music, conversation, community, challenge, encouragement, celebration, etc., it was especially significant for me in that it marked two years since James and I met at the very first Festival of Faith and Music. What made it particularly special was that so many of the people who were there that fateful weekend in March 2003, were back this year – Steve Stockman, Dave Dark, Dave Bazan, Ralston Bowles, and Nick Purdy and Josh Jackson from Paste among others. Two years ago I was meeting most of them for the first time. This year it was a grand reunion of friends.

Two thoughts occur to me:

So much can happen in the span of two years!!


The Spirit works in mysterious ways, and I sure am glad she does.

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    Indeed she does, Kari. Indeed she does.

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