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Some people (Martin) rag on me for not blogging very often, but really it’s kind of a liability of a ‘theme blog’ – James is in the US, the wedding is done, and the wait for the green card continues. No new news in that department. Unfortunately, the lack of green card means that our planned March trip to England will most likely need to be postponed. Stay tuned for more details on that one.

I thought several times in the past few months of blogging about the holidays – our first as a married couple, and James’ first personal experience of American Thanksgiving. (His previous impressions were mostly derived from American TV shows like Friends, so he knew about the turkey and football but had no idea that people go to church on Thanksgiving.) But I couldn’t come up with enough interesting things to say about it, and it seemed rather self-indulgent. Besides, although it was our first Christmas as a married couple, it wasn’t our first Christmas together and it didn’t feel remarkably different from last year. Oh yeah – we got a tree this year. Benefit of waiting until Dec. 18th to buy the tree: we got a big, beautiful one for $10. Go us.

Anyway, the main reason I decided to blog today – for the first time in nearly two months – was that James just put up a list of his favorite CDs from 2004, and I just wanted to note that I pretty much agree with his list, and will add two more:

Innocence Mission – Now the Day is Over – I only just got it last week so haven’t listened to it more than twice, but I know that it’s one I will be listening to frequently because hey – it’s the Innocence Mission. And, as James said, “Over the Rainbow was made for Karen Peris’ voice.” (Incidentally, all of the profits from sales of the CD are being given to children’s charities such as Catholic Relief Services so if you are an IM fan and haven’t bought this one, now’s the time!)

Hem – Eveningland – It’s more produced and therefore not quite as charming as Rabbit Songs, but the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. Sally Ellyson’s voice is still gorgeous, and there are some great love songs there.

Regarding James’ picks, I credit him for introducing me to Lambchop, Arcade Fire, Nick Cave, and the Polyphonic Spree and for enhancing my appreciation of David Byrne, Sam Phillips and Sufjan Stevens – all of whose 2004 releases are flippin’ brilliant and continue to get a lot of play in our house.

2004 will be noteworthy as the year that U2 were displaced as my favorite band. That honor now goes to Wilco who I couldn’t get enough of, at least in the latter half of the year. Jeff Tweedy is a genious.

Finally, as James said, if you – for whatever reason – want to know more about what I’m listening to, check out Audiocrobbler … and then sign up yourself if you haven’t already so I can find out what you’re listening to!

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    I have a hunch that by the end of next week, I’ll be kicking myself for posting before I’d had a chance to listen to The Innocence Mission more. But the one time I’ve gotten to that album so far, the speakers on my laptop were playing up. Maybe I need to make tomorrow Innocence Mission day?

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    I have 3 Wilco CDs. I love Summerteeth, YHF is just a sonic goldmine, but I’m still struggling with ‘A Ghost is Born.’ There’s just too much airiness in it, not enoug rawk. Tweedy’s great, to be sure, one of the best songwriters in the US.

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    Sorry, am I that much of a pest… I’ve tried to click on the link to James’ thingyjig and it isn’t working – perhaps that’s just me. I am particuarly impressed by Nick Cave at the minute too.

    You never know, I might put out an album one of these days. Then you’d have to include it on your list for reasons of pure nepotism.

    Lots of love and that

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    The link didn’t work for me too, but then I can’t acess James’s webloggy thing either. A good selection of music there anyhow…and who knows, by next year we may all be able to indulge in rampent cronyism by including Martin’s album on our ‘favourites’ list!

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    Oops. In my attempts to get rid of ‘referrer spam’ I managed to block everyone from my blog for the past hour. You should be able to get in again now!

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    You’re not a pest, Martin! Just good at laying on a guilt trip. 😉 I’d love to hear an album you put out.

    Jonathan – It took me three or four listens to warm up to A Ghost Is Born, but I love it now. Don’t know if I’d put it above YHF, but it’s makin’ me happy. The Wilco show that we went to in Ann Arbor last October was what really turned the corner for me. Amazing. They’re playing Kalamazoo on Feb. 26. I’m hoping to be there.

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    Crap. We have a show in South Bend that night. Crap crap crap.

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    U2 displaced? Has the universe gone mad?! I should have a listen to this “Wilco” band, because it has to be pretty good for you, Kari, to displace U2 as your favorite band! They will forever be at the top of my list, but that doesn’t mean there’s room for more underneath 🙂

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