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I got to spend Valentine’s Day with my honey this year. And we were joined by 19 of his closest kin.

I had met James’ parents, his brother Matthew and his sister Susan on my trip to England in November. This time I got to meet more of the extended family at a combined birthday celebration for Matthew and James’ mum and “meet Kari” party which took place at James’ parents house in Tunbridge Wells. I must say I enjoyed the event quite a bit; fun conversations, and everyone was very kind and hospitable. The food that James’ mum prepared was amazing – what a spread! Overall it was a great party. Thanks to all involved!

We also made a trip to Cambridge on the 17th where we spend a bit more time with James’ Grandad (paternal) who treated us to a wonderful lunch at a rather chi chi hotel as well as tea at his flat later in the afternoon.

James and I did get to have our own Valentine’s celebration with dinner at the Sizzling Wok (great Thai food near the Reading University campus) on the evening of the 13th.

I love you, babe!

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    Sounds like a fun trip! And Thai food for Valentines Day sounds just about perfect.

    Good to have you back home!

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    Ah, Cambridge. I loved it when i went there. Did you go punting down the river?

    And you didn’t go to the Fez Club in Reading? No Club Po Na Na? Hehe. Just kidding. I’m just recalling haunts when I was there a few years ago.

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    I was keeping an eye out for good lineups at the Fez, but they’re few and far between. Shame Snow Patrol couldn’t have delayed their show there by a few weeks.

    And in Po Na Na, you’ve been to one I’ve not visited! I hear it can be a fun place but for some reason I’ve never been enticed in. Perhaps if they were to put on a little more live music?

    I did point out the Monk’s Retreat to Kari, though we didn’t make it inside.

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